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You're about to discover the little-known (yet wildly effective) baseball coaching strategies top youth and high school teams use to pummel their competition and dominate their leagues.

I'm talking about 24 all-new skills and drills that will dramatically improve your team's hitting, running, fielding, throwing and pitching...

Practically Overnight!

It's all included inside this brand new online video clinic "Skills & Drills For a Winning Program." It's jam-packed with loads of SPECIFIC, hard-core drills and coaching tips that are easy to learn... and easy to use with your team.

Every one of these drills is...

VERSATILE - you can use them all indoors OR outdoors... in the pre-season, mid-season, or off-season... with youth teams, high school teams, even college teams

SIMPLE - everything is explained with step by step instructions, diagrams, useful coaching tips, and live demonstrations from elite-level players.

So you can learn it all in the blink of an eye, and start using them at your very next practice!

EFFECTIVE - these are PROVEN practice techniques that rapidly build your players skills and produce big, dramatic improvements in the fastest way possible.

With just a few hours of dedicated practice, you'll see HUGE gains that will immediately translate to more success on the field.

There's absolutely no fluff here.

No beating around the bush.

And no useless theory.

Just watch the video, use this stuff at your next practice, and you'll be blown away with how much better your team plays in every part of the game.

Here's A Small Taste Of
What's Included...

The 3 most important things any successfull coach needs to understand... BEFORE his team gets to the playoffs
How to condition your pitchers to go the distance (without taking a lot of throws out of the arm)
  The "Right Way" to use Fungos in practice
The hidden secrets to developing killer bat speed and expanding plate coverage (Hint: it uses broomsticks!)
  The simple relay drill that's ideal for indoor practice
  How to "program" your outfielders to throw out any runner who tags up (even if they need 3 hops to get the ball to home plate)
6 innovative pitching drills that will help even the clumsiest kid develop ultra-smooth Greg-Maddux-like mechanics
  Why "traditional" between-inning warmups are a complete waste of time (and the little-known technique that loosens up your players AND builds valuable fielding skills at the same time)
How to use "dynamic stretching" and "form-running drills" to instantly infuse your players with jaw-dropping speed around the bases
  "Insider" tips on coaching your own child - how to build a winning program without compromising your role as a parent
  How to get an infielder 23 ground ball repetitions in just 60 seconds
The REAL REASON kids play baseball, and what actually motivates them to win (not even 1 youth coach in 100 understands the power of this simple secret)
What you can learn about baserunning by watching Olympic hurdlers
  The simple 4 step formula even a "rookie coach" can use to develop a batting line-up that's 100 times more potent than any team in your leage
  Why everything you've learned about "winning" may be holding you back (I'll dispel the biggest myths other "baseball gurus" are dead wrong about)
The truth about "The Perfect Swing"... and 5 easy-to-implement drills to help your players discover it
  How to use the "Team Throw" drill to teach your players to throw low to the bag
  Why backwards running can virtually eliminate muscle pull injuries 
How to use the "Fast Change" drill to help your hitters crush offspeed pitches
  The simple technique that guarantees your hitters will never be called out on a third strike
Exact step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations for 24 all-new skill building baseball drills
  Why "picking a stitch" helps your pitchers develop laser-like accuracy and control
Positive means of motivation are ALWAYS more effective than hard-core punishment in the long-run... you'll discover proven tips to help you choose the right method of correction for YOUR team
The single biggest factor college coaches look for when recruiting baseball players (and what you can do to help players reach their potential)

And much more...

Look. I could go on and on about these battle-tested strategies, but you really have to see them to understand them. Trying to explain it in a letter is like trying to see a painting in a dark room.

You really gotta watch the videos to truly absorb these radical (and somewhat controversial) baseball coaching tactics.

So here's the deal: I've really gone to the wall for you here, against everyone else's advice. (My accountant thinks I've gone bonkers, and one of my partners has threatened to toss me in the loony bin).

But I really want to prove to you how ground-breaking these techniques really are, and how well they'll work for YOUR team.

So I've created the best deal I can think of.

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  BUT YOU'RE NOT RISKING A PENNY!  Because, once you watch the complete clinic, I want you to go ahead and try JUST ONE of these tips at your very next practice (tonight if possible).

If you don't see an IMMEDIATE improvement in the way your team plays, then you get every penny of your payment refunded with no questions asked.

In fact... if your entire coaching staff, players, and their parents aren't completely impressed with your new drills... then I INSIST you email me right back and ask for a complete, fast, and full refund. But...

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The Entire Clinic For Free!

That's right, the entire online video clinic is yours to keep for FREE if you choose. You can take a full 60 days before you decide one way or another (even though I'm positive you'll see results in your very next game).

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Coach Kenny Buford


PS - Wanna hear what other people think about this Video Clinic? Here's what coaches who KNOW are saying:

"My team has always struggled to find ways to manufacture runs.  Yet in just the shortest time possible, we went from putting up 2 or 3 runs a game, to 10 or 11." - Chris Nash, Sales Director, New Hampshire


"Other teams in our league don't know what hit 'em.  It's like having a sneaky advantage no one else can figure out.  Packed with new ideas... great even for the experienced coach."  - Blair Jezulle, Alberta


"Super-easy to understand!  Love seeing the fielding drills acted out step by step by the players.  I played some of the videos for my team and they picked everything up right away." - Reese Piatkowski, Idaho


"Our pitching has improved 110%.  We're 9-1 in the last 10 games." L. Wright, California


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